The No 1 Basketball Training Equipment


The no 1 basketball training equipment, the Strobe Sports Training Glasses, is designed to train the brain to process visual information faster and ignore irrelevant information. These glasses are also a great way to reduce anxiety during a performance and improve body movement and reaction time. Here are some of the benefits of using them. These training glasses are great for all levels of basketball players. Let's take a look! Listed below are just a few of the many benefits of using Strobe Sports Training Glasses.

Weighted basketball trainer

If you're looking to improve your shooting range and arm strength, you should try using a weighted basketball trainer. These trainers help you develop your shooting range while using your arms in the most efficient way. Just be sure to never compromise your shooting form, because the habits you learn while training will show in gameplay. But what exactly is a weighted basketball trainer? Here's a closer look.

Dribble Stick

The Dribble Stick is an innovative piece of basketball training equipment that helps you improve your dribbling skills. It forces players to dribble over different height levels, promoting ball control. The dribble stick also helps you practice shooting and quick hand-to-hand combinations. You can even double-up on the drills and work on your jump shot without ringing it in.

Resistance parachute

When used as a part of a basketball training routine, a Resistance Parachute provides several benefits. It enables athletes to customize their training regimens by adding different resistance levels and changing directions during exercise. A running parachute provides about 40 pounds of resistance, while a basketball training parachute is more like 80 pounds of resistance. This resistance enables athletes to increase speed while maintaining their balance and coordination. A resistance parachute is an effective training tool for athletes of all levels.

Blazepod Light Pods

With the Blazepod light system, you can improve your speed without a gym or trainer. It is designed by professionals for professional athletes and sports professionals and includes 6 Leuchtpods, a charging station, and protective shells. These basketball training equipment are great for both beginner and advanced players. To get started, download the free Fitbit app and follow the instructions to connect the Blazepods to your Fitbit.

PowerHandz Gloves

If you want to improve your dribbling and arm strength, the Powerhandz basketball training gloves are an excellent option. These lightweight, ergonomically designed gloves are great for drills because they help build arm strength while inhibiting ball handling. The POWERHANDZ Basketball Training Gloves are also designed with ventilation and comfort in mind. They come in six different sizes to fit all players no matter how big or small.


When searching for basketball training equipment, you should choose Strobe Sport Blazepod. This innovative equipment has a unique tech-based system that combines training equipment with apps. Its Bluetooth-connected pods allow users to perform various exercises both individually and in a group. The Blazepod can also be used outdoors. The Blazepod is safe to use on grass, but it should be kept dry for protection.

Dr Dish

IC3 – This shot trainer is designed for players who aren't quite ready for the Dr. Dish home. IC3 teaches basic shot mechanics and is a great introduction to the DR. DISH. Coach LoneStar started his basketball academy in 2000, focusing on advanced offensive skills and detailed footwork, movements, and shooting mechanics. IC3 uses video analysis and the 94Fifty system to help athletes understand the details of their movements and shooting mechanics.